Sunday, June 26, 2011

The 2012 Republican Candidates

So what do you think of the Republican candidates so far? They are in no particular order:
Newt Gingrich - Campaign over before it began
Ron Paul - Unrefined libertarian with clueless supporters. Though I personally agree with most of what he says.
Herman Cain - Too logical to win. Again agree with most of what he says and if I weren't running, he might be my man.
Michele Bachmann - Ok we get it, you fostered and birthed lots and lots of children. But I don't cast my vote based on that.
Tim Pawlenty - Yawn...
Mitt Romney - hmmm how's he going to live down Romney care that's not unlike Obama care except a proven failure. Though I much prefer a business man for president.
Rick Santorum - No opinion one way or the other which means I neither like nor dislike him and therefore he would have to make more of an impression on America to win.
John Huntsman - Again don't know enough about him one way or another to have an opinion about him yet.
There are also list of others that have either declared or still exploring that include a bunch of unknowns by me or have no chances including Jimmy McMillian of "The Rent is too Damn High" party. How that makes him a republican is beyond me. Unless it's by default since there's no room elsewhere. I thought starting his own party was not a bad idea though. We need another viable party. It's just not going to have that name if you ask me.
The only person that's really caught my attention so far is Herman Cain, the guy I think is not electable. So perhaps I should change my campaign slogan to "...because electable humans can't be trusted." What do you think about that?
Does anyone on the above list make you want to get out and vote? Might I add if there is one person up there that tickles your fancy, you must vote in the primary to get to vote for them at least once. If you get your way, you'll get to vote twice for the same person.


Anonymous said...

Lola for President, indeed! Even if I were a Republican, they have less than no one to offer. I know what you mean about Herman Cain. He reminds me of Rev. Al Sharpton. I'll find myself listening to them and thinking, these guys make Sense! I think this will probably be one of the more Interesting elections ever held. Good luck, Lola.

Lola said...

Thanks for stopping by Melody! I was beggining to think my blog was getting lost in obscurity.

I think the people need an 'alternative' to what's out there now. How can anyone resist a common sense, logical, dog who's cute as can be and genuinely loves everyone they meet!?!?

Theesen Turner said...

I know that you're the logical choice for president, but Kevin McCullough is predicting victory for Rick Perry, who I've heard finally said he's actually running.

And as for Bachman, I've heard that she is making quite an impression on America. She is smart in navigating the liberal media and is clearly against raising the debt ceiling.

Not an endorsement or anything. I'm still undecided as to my candidate.

Lola said...

Ohhh did Perry actually say those words yet??? I haven't heard them and I'm in Perry central right now...that said (the proverbial) we, discuss that he's running every day on local radio with all of his actions and performances outside of Texas. I have lots to say about him and will devote an entire post to him soon...

ps...Thanks for stopping by!

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