Friday, June 10, 2011

Weinergate 2011

I know this is a deviation from the campaign, but this is what's dominating the news the last couple of weeks. So I thought this Weiner guy would go away as fast and he entered our lives, but apparently I was wrong. Surely I'm not the first one to use the term "weinergate". I just have better things to do than search the Internet for weiners for fear of what might come up on my computer.

What is he? A 14 year old girl? Seriously!! Who in their right mind sends naked pictures of themselves?? Normally I would say what he does on his own time with his own resources is his business. But do you really want a man with the bad judgement of a 14 year old girl making and voting on laws that affect you and your family? There are plenty of 14 year old girls that have better judgement than he does and their brains aren't fully developed. What's his excuse?

And what's with the word 'certitude'? Apparently it's a real word. From; 'freedom from doubt, especially in matters of faith or opinion; certainty.' Actions speak louder than words and he looks and sounds like a complete fool.

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