Saturday, September 24, 2011

Does Herman Cain Have a Chance?

Is it possible?? Could it be true?? Are people finally paying attention to what Herman Cain has to say?? The only non-politician in the Republican race? According to this cnn article, he just cleaned Perry's clock in the Florida straw poll with 37% of the votes. Perry came in 2nd with 15% of the votes. All others were relatively close behind Perry.

Is it possible that the annoyance of Perry v. Romney is causing the masses to pay attention to the fact that Herman Cain is offering or pitching actual solutions as opposed to political rhetoric? It's kind of sad that he's forced to run for the Republican ticket because he doesn't sound like other Republicans. He sounds like a conservative who knows what he's talking about and doesn't spit out talking points. Ron Paul sounds similar except his delivery is in the form of grumpy old man.

If you haven't bothered to listen to Herman Cain yet, take the time to listen to his message. Take notice of the fact that he's the only non-politician running.

Side note back on Perry. He's suddenly pitch school vouchers at the 'federal' level, but for someone who talks about 'states rights,' he didn't bother to even mention or pitch school vouchers during the recent Texas legislative session that he had both the house and senate full of republicans. Watch their actions. If they don't match their words, then you have a politician. I thought we were sick and tired of politics as usual.

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