Monday, June 6, 2011

Lola's In for 2012!!!

Apparently now is the time to announce one's candidacy for president. So in the event there was any doubt, I'm in!! I hope my campaign financiers will sponsor a bus tour for me and my family so I can get out and meet you all and kiss lots of babies. (That's how one wins right?)

Now which party's ticket am I running on? Well the Republicans are who's announcing or rumoring lately. The thing is I don't feel like a republican, but mostly because I don't believe any of them act what they preach on the campaign trail once they get into office. Rick Perry, rumored Republican candidate is a perfect example of this. I will go into more detail in the coming weeks if he officially puts his hat in the ring.

I could run as a libertarian, but we all know they get no where.
I can't run as a Democrat because as we are all aware from last elections that "liberal" is a bad word. That and I don't share most of their beliefs. Though we share a few that if talking on certain particular topics, one might think me a democrat. But I'm far from it.

I could run for the Green party nomination, but lets be honest, Ralph Nader has that locked up until he dies.

So I guess that leaves Independent. But here's the problem with that. When was the last time anyone other than a Democrat or a Republican got elected president? That said in order to make the point that neither party is living up to expectations, I'm going with Independent. Look at my platform page to see what I stand for.

A vote for Lola is a vote to take your country back. It's a vote for your liberty. It's a vote for personal pride. It's a vote against the lame humans that are screwing up this country's economy.

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