Sunday, March 6, 2011

Waiting for Superman - A Must See

So I might be a little late to see Waiting for Superman, but I believe everyone should see this documentary. It is a look into the quality of public education in the U.S. now, and I know the criticism when it came out was that it demonized teachers, the very heroes that educate our children, are under paid, etc etc etc. Though I didn't get that it demonized teachers at all. In fact it stood up for the good teachers that are under paid and do an excellent job of educating children.

The system is broke and is structured so that it is no longer putting children first. In just about any school you have to put up with the bad to get the good. Why can't they all be good? Why can't teachers be graded on their merits like employees in the real world? (By the way I believe all government employees should be terminated if their performance merits termination).

Rent the movie. Care about quality public education. After all, it's not free, you're paying out the wazoo for it whether you use it or not! At least bother to care about the service it's providing future adults that will be sustaining our economy, or become a drain on it.

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