Saturday, September 8, 2012

Abortion - The Distraction Issue

You may wonder about my title.  But I say that because for some stupid reason both sides dominate this polarizing topic around election to fire up their bases by talking about their beliefs and what the other side believes. This is a distraction from the issues affecting our daily lives like unemployment, the economy, education (or the lack of it) etc.

The fact of the matter is no one president is going to even touch it when he's in office.  The president doesn't make law, he only has the power of veto for new laws.  It is the law and men (or women) on either side aren't really going to change that.  Your congressmen might work on legislation to add requirements to it but they won't push through any legislation banning it altogether.  

But the bases of either party continue to get fired up about this one issue and your friends on either side of the issue are probably posting things in an attempt to make you worried about voting for the other side.  When the reality is the Republicans aren't going to make a united move to ban it, even though their extremely right base wants to hear they are 'pro life.' 

I don't like the choice of abortion but I don't believe your average democrat does either.  I don't think democrats are out trying to convince pregnant women and girls to get abortions for the sake of killing babies.  I don't know what Planned Parenthood's agenda is, but I do know they provide other services to women that benefit them.  I don't know what their counseling practices are to women that come it asking about abortions, but I do find it interesting that they seem to be behind many of the posts that your friends are making trying to scare you about voting Republican.  What I do wish is that both sides would drop the polarizing accusations of either side and start talking about how to encourage the choice of life as opposed to taking away the choice of abortion.

I don't believe federal dollars should be spent on abortions.  I'd feel much better about subsidizing domestic adoptions than I would abortions at any phase.  Though I bet there are plenty of families out there willing to pay the cost of the adoption that the tax payers wouldn't have to subsidize them.  I also don't believe it's value add to put women that have abortions in jail either.  It took two to make that baby and who knows how many abortions are at the coercion of the male involved.

My point being, quit voting on this one issue and quit being influenced what either side thinks of this issue because neither side is actually going to successfully overturn Roe v. Wade.  And quit getting your panties in a wad if some people actually want there to be counseling or a sonogram before an abortion is performed because it is an extremely traumatic procedure and many women do live with regret. (Please note that I didn't say most or all as I don't know percentages).  Start working together rather than insisting all or nothing for your side.  It's really disgusting how this issue is argued.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RNC/DNC Can Either Really Change Your Mind??

Hello All!! I'm the busy big sister of a 19 almost 20 month old toddler. So I spend most of my days corralling her now. If I ever get elected and become the breadwinner of the family, perhaps that job will go to our mother so I can talk to you more often.

So my question of the day stems from the political season.  The republicans just held their national convention and the democrats are currently holding theirs.  Both of which are highly publicized.  But are they really fighting for the votes of independent voters? Or are they really trying to get more of their likely voters off they lazy butts and out to the polls in November?

I tend to think that 99% of people have their minds made up one way or the other but that swing comes from potential voters that will drag themselves out to the polls to cast their vote.  Am I wrong?

Are democrats and republicans really bothering to watch each other's conventions? I suppose political junkies might, but if you have your mind made up, don't you find the other one annoying and full of BS nonsense?  And if you are, don't you see similar strategies? for example both the first lady and the potential first lady were the keynote speakers on the first night and clearly touchy feely attempting to reach the female vote.  They wouldn't do this if it didn't work.  But women should be offended by this attempt to 'manipulate' them as opposed to treating them as 'equals' [to men] and discussing policy. But I'm not sure either side every really truly discusses policy, which should offend each and everyone of us as freedom-loving, intelligent Americans.  We are still Americans.  And we do still love freedom.  Right???

I have so much built up to talk about right now but I must wait for another day so I will try and make it back again tomorrow or the next.  I fully intended to come back earlier but those of you with kids or who are big brothers or sisters understand my priorities.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still Convinced Humans are Better for the Job than Dogs???

So until I find a way to raise campaign dollars to afford to post more often, I have a day job helping to raise my little sister who will be one a month from now. Let me tell you, she is a walking handful getting into everything. She especially loves to get into my water. And because I am a good big sister I never ever bite her. Mostly I follow her around sniffing her diaper. I can't help it.

So back to politics and the Republican race for the nomination. Much has happened since my last post. Perry apparently had a chance and has been blowing it over and over since. Herman Cain actually appeared to have a chance and then blew it enough to drop out. I don't know one way or the other if those women are lying or not. But as a dog, I would never have a friendship that my family didn't know about. And I am instantly best friends with everyone I meet. I want to meet you all!!!!

So the replacement to Cain at this point seems to be Newt. Does he have too much baggage or is his baggage enough in the past that people don't care anymore? For sure Romney and Perry are going to try and remind you all of it as if they have no skeletons to be found. I have no idea but if they have any someone somewhere will find them and pull them out.

Does Perry have a chance still? I tend to think his latest add campaign was not genius. People will see it as a shot at gay people rather than what I think he was trying to portray that the rights of Christians are being picked away at. I admit, it took me a second or third listen to hear that. I don't think many people are hearing it that way. I originally heard it as 'it's a shame gay people can now serve openly in the military.' It comes across as that is what he believes at first so much so that most people won't bother to give it a second or third chance. That is why I think this ad is the nail in his coffin because even though they aren't paying to play it everywhere, people everywhere are hearing it.

Romney....I don't even know what to say about him. Since he won't support the fair tax, I don't like him. Not sure about the health care plan in Massachusetts either. I've heard/read conflicting opinions about success vs. disaster. I don't live there so I don't know how it's working for everyone and for the state budget. I will admit it was definitely interesting 4 years ago. Here's what bothers me about him. I have heard traditionally 'liberal supporting' people say they would be ok with Romney. So that makes me think he's going to be politics as usual. I don't know. I suppose he could surprise me. I hope, given that he looks like a shoo in at this point.

You still think these guys are better than me??? Seriously?!?! Who's more loyal to humans than a dog??? No one I tell you.....NO ONE!!!! Now spread the word.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Does Herman Cain Have a Chance?

Is it possible?? Could it be true?? Are people finally paying attention to what Herman Cain has to say?? The only non-politician in the Republican race? According to this cnn article, he just cleaned Perry's clock in the Florida straw poll with 37% of the votes. Perry came in 2nd with 15% of the votes. All others were relatively close behind Perry.

Is it possible that the annoyance of Perry v. Romney is causing the masses to pay attention to the fact that Herman Cain is offering or pitching actual solutions as opposed to political rhetoric? It's kind of sad that he's forced to run for the Republican ticket because he doesn't sound like other Republicans. He sounds like a conservative who knows what he's talking about and doesn't spit out talking points. Ron Paul sounds similar except his delivery is in the form of grumpy old man.

If you haven't bothered to listen to Herman Cain yet, take the time to listen to his message. Take notice of the fact that he's the only non-politician running.

Side note back on Perry. He's suddenly pitch school vouchers at the 'federal' level, but for someone who talks about 'states rights,' he didn't bother to even mention or pitch school vouchers during the recent Texas legislative session that he had both the house and senate full of republicans. Watch their actions. If they don't match their words, then you have a politician. I thought we were sick and tired of politics as usual.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rick Perry: An Opinion from the Perspective of a Texan

So Rick Perry is finally in and you're super excited because he sounds so 'conservative.' In fact he sounds so libertarian for that matter with his talk of freedom, no taxes, and secession here in Texas. He brags about how many jobs he's brought to Texas. It's hard to argue that under his 'leadership' the Texas economy has fared better than most.

But here's the deal. The lieutenant governor has more responsibility for that than the governor in this state. This state has the ideal structure in that it has a weak governor. The most power he has is to veto legislation or not. He just gets to tout around the united states making speeches and taking credit for the positives. What's he's not telling you is that we faced a huge legislative short fall this last session that just ended. They made up for it with accounting tricks. Meaning we (state government) are only funded through the first half of the fiscal year 2013. (Texas operates/budgets on bienniums as the legislature meets once every 2 years). So there are 6 months that we're not funded for yet. They also deferred payment of many bills to the next biennium. Meaning the next legislature will have to find the money to pay for it. How convenient since Perry supposes he will be president by then and this fiasco will 'blow up' under someone else's watch.

These accounting tricks are all so he can run for president and tell people that Texas balance the budget unlike Washington. We might not be in as much trouble financially as Washington, but the political budgeting isn't all that different. And Texas isn't out of the hole yet.

What else has he done while here. One of the big recent items is that he's committed state funds ($25M/year to the owner) during a major budget shortfall to pay for the rights to have the formula one race come to Austin. Not really Austin but outside of Austin where there's a 2 lane road that is not prepared to handle the traffic for 150,000 people (more or less). Well maybe less if some people helicopter in from the airport. They originally planned the race during June or July. But I suppose the record triple digit heat during both of those months helped race organizers think better than to have a summer race.

He mandated the HPV vaccine for school girls. Not very libertarian of him. Luckily that fell through. He failed to veto a steroid testing bill which is testing high school kids for steroids, when there is clearly physical evidence to give clues to the abuse of steroids. The program is costing the state $6 million with about 24 in 150,000 kids testing positive. He also failed to veto a bill taxing tanning. Tanning is now a sin and deserves a sin tax associated with it. He had the chance to take a hard stance against illegal immigration and just kind of avoided it. He (and the legislature) also had the chance to stand up against the TSA airport searches but backed down when the federal government bullied their way in to that bill.
As you should know by now he used to be a democrat, running Al Gore's campaign here in Texas. Many of us would call him a RINO (Republican in name only) which I believe was formerly referred to as a 'country club republican.'
But here's the deal with politics. We the people (as a whole not every individual) vote for good looks and what we want to hear. I'm not sure how I don't fit that mold yet as I'm cute as can be and am saying what perhaps I wish you wanted to here. Though I'm sure it has to do with my thoughts on Social Security and Medicare. So Rick Perry has mastered the art of telling us what we want to hear. Don't believe me? He keeps getting re-elected in a state full of people disgruntled by him. His big opponent last election was supposed to be Kay Bailey Hutchinson and she barely made a showing because he was running against Obama and Washington the whole time. And she represented Washington. Even then when he 'wasn't running for president' (well he was claiming he wasn't going to run) he was running. As evidenced as he barely acknowledged Kay Bailey and didn't need to his whole campaign. Though unless you live in Texas you probably won't remember that he said he had no plans to run for president during that campaign. He said that because he knew most of Texas wasn't paying attention or didn't care. He's the ultimate politician which should make you all wary of him. He's better at being a politician than even Obama was. And I'd say Obama was a pretty good politician while he was running for president. You should be wary of such politicians. We all should be. What happens if our options are one formerly great politician against another even better politician??? Trust me, nothing good.
So get out in the primaries and vote for Lola!!! Because I'm not in the news so apparently I'm a sucky politician. Which is what you should want. Wake up People!!

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