Sunday, August 14, 2011

The World Must be Coming to an End

Why such a dramatic title to this post? For once I found an opinion of Roland Martin, CNN contributor, that I agree with. His August 12, 2012 article, Bachmann 'submission' question was offensive. Her response to the question was correct. And he is right that 'they' don't put religious beliefs of other candidates on trial. They picked a woman who has used the term submission and tried to trip her up with it because there's no room for 'submission' in leadership positions or in the White House. That has nothing to do with her or any other woman's religious belief about submission.
So to Roland Martin, kudos to you for expressing an opinion that might, just might be, the only opinion I will ever agree with you on. Let's take this one moment to celebrate that! Perhaps there's hope that you could agree with a young dog once.

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