Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rick Perry: An Opinion from the Perspective of a Texan

So Rick Perry is finally in and you're super excited because he sounds so 'conservative.' In fact he sounds so libertarian for that matter with his talk of freedom, no taxes, and secession here in Texas. He brags about how many jobs he's brought to Texas. It's hard to argue that under his 'leadership' the Texas economy has fared better than most.

But here's the deal. The lieutenant governor has more responsibility for that than the governor in this state. This state has the ideal structure in that it has a weak governor. The most power he has is to veto legislation or not. He just gets to tout around the united states making speeches and taking credit for the positives. What's he's not telling you is that we faced a huge legislative short fall this last session that just ended. They made up for it with accounting tricks. Meaning we (state government) are only funded through the first half of the fiscal year 2013. (Texas operates/budgets on bienniums as the legislature meets once every 2 years). So there are 6 months that we're not funded for yet. They also deferred payment of many bills to the next biennium. Meaning the next legislature will have to find the money to pay for it. How convenient since Perry supposes he will be president by then and this fiasco will 'blow up' under someone else's watch.

These accounting tricks are all so he can run for president and tell people that Texas balance the budget unlike Washington. We might not be in as much trouble financially as Washington, but the political budgeting isn't all that different. And Texas isn't out of the hole yet.

What else has he done while here. One of the big recent items is that he's committed state funds ($25M/year to the owner) during a major budget shortfall to pay for the rights to have the formula one race come to Austin. Not really Austin but outside of Austin where there's a 2 lane road that is not prepared to handle the traffic for 150,000 people (more or less). Well maybe less if some people helicopter in from the airport. They originally planned the race during June or July. But I suppose the record triple digit heat during both of those months helped race organizers think better than to have a summer race.

He mandated the HPV vaccine for school girls. Not very libertarian of him. Luckily that fell through. He failed to veto a steroid testing bill which is testing high school kids for steroids, when there is clearly physical evidence to give clues to the abuse of steroids. The program is costing the state $6 million with about 24 in 150,000 kids testing positive. He also failed to veto a bill taxing tanning. Tanning is now a sin and deserves a sin tax associated with it. He had the chance to take a hard stance against illegal immigration and just kind of avoided it. He (and the legislature) also had the chance to stand up against the TSA airport searches but backed down when the federal government bullied their way in to that bill.
As you should know by now he used to be a democrat, running Al Gore's campaign here in Texas. Many of us would call him a RINO (Republican in name only) which I believe was formerly referred to as a 'country club republican.'
But here's the deal with politics. We the people (as a whole not every individual) vote for good looks and what we want to hear. I'm not sure how I don't fit that mold yet as I'm cute as can be and am saying what perhaps I wish you wanted to here. Though I'm sure it has to do with my thoughts on Social Security and Medicare. So Rick Perry has mastered the art of telling us what we want to hear. Don't believe me? He keeps getting re-elected in a state full of people disgruntled by him. His big opponent last election was supposed to be Kay Bailey Hutchinson and she barely made a showing because he was running against Obama and Washington the whole time. And she represented Washington. Even then when he 'wasn't running for president' (well he was claiming he wasn't going to run) he was running. As evidenced as he barely acknowledged Kay Bailey and didn't need to his whole campaign. Though unless you live in Texas you probably won't remember that he said he had no plans to run for president during that campaign. He said that because he knew most of Texas wasn't paying attention or didn't care. He's the ultimate politician which should make you all wary of him. He's better at being a politician than even Obama was. And I'd say Obama was a pretty good politician while he was running for president. You should be wary of such politicians. We all should be. What happens if our options are one formerly great politician against another even better politician??? Trust me, nothing good.
So get out in the primaries and vote for Lola!!! Because I'm not in the news so apparently I'm a sucky politician. Which is what you should want. Wake up People!!

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