Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dogs vs. Cats

Are you a dog person, cat person, both, or neither. Believe i t or not here's an article on it.,2933,582375,00.html

I like any animal that will play with me.

Here's the purpose of my post today while I brush up on what political events to get riled up over. I occasionally need to take a break from politics to reduce the stress and frustration in my life.

Christmas is a ridiculously popular time to get the kids a dog. As the article states dogs are more high maintenance than cats in that most of them need exercise. All family pets need interaction. Here's my plea. Only get a dog if you as the adult are willing to take on the responsibility for it. Your kids will learn from you how to care for animals. Puppies grow up and aren't nearly as appealing once they get bigger and have been around for awhile. If you expect the kids to be the only or primary interaction with the dogs, they will grow tired of them as their attentions drift often. You have to take responsibility for including the dog as part of the family on walks, for play, and on outings.

A few months from now, shelters and rescues will start getting calls to take dogs that families weren't prepared to deal with. Dogs like me that have so much energy that they didn't plan on dealing with. Dogs that the kids grow bored with and keep neglecting that mom and dad didn't really want to begin with. Dogs whose owners don't know how to train and discipline nor do they want to make the effort required to raise good dogs.

My plea to you is...if you got your kids a dog, rethink who you got the dog for and commit to taking responsibility for feeding, exercising, and making your dog part of the family rather than complaining about what a nuisance it is. Teach your kids how to properly care for a family pet. They mimic you. If you neglect your dog, they will learn to do the same thing.

Happy new year and happy doggy parenting! I got a new treadmill for Christmas which my parents highly recommend to those of you with high energy dogs. I love it.

I'll return shortly with more rants and raves about what's going on in this world. I don't think I have to state the obvious failed terror attempt. Though if it ignited terror in the hearts of people without slaughtering tons of people, is it really a failed terror attempt?


Jay said...

One of my pet peeves (pardon the pun) is about people who get a dog or cat with no more thought than they would in buying a pair of socks. These are intelligent, feeling creatures who are utterly dependent upon their humans. If you're not able to commit to taking care of them for their entire life...get a plant.

Lola said...

Well said Jay! It's seems some people ought to be screened before they are allowed children or pets...It's a shame really...

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