Monday, January 11, 2010

Contract From America

Check it out.

"Welcome to the Contract From America initiative, where you can join your fellow Americans in a collaborative grassroots effort to create a document that offers real change in Washington, D.C. and the state capitals. This website provides you with the opportunity to offer your innovative free market, limited government solutions to our nation’s pressing problems and to vote and comment on the ideas of others. We believe that the result of this grassroots-generated marketplace of ideas will be a document that not only represents the will of the American people, but promotes unique ideas that will breathe new life into the economic conservative movement...."

Here's what you'll find on this website
*Information on Tea Parties in your area
* Suggestion for solutions that you can vote on and/or rate
*Opportunity to submit new ideas that don't exist on the any of the lists
*Basically speaking the opportunity to express your voice

You might be interested to know the top five vote getting ideas are
1. Implement the Fair Tax
2. Legislation shall contain no unrelated amendments
3. Congressional Term Limits
4. Abolish the Department of Education
5. Pass Nationwide Medical Malpractice Tort Reform

I agree with these 5 though I'm not sure they are all in my personal top 5. The Fair Tax and term limits definitely are. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Check out the rest of the list and the site. I encourage you to voice your opinions. Even if you don't agree with me point for point.

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