Friday, February 6, 2009

Emergency Post!!! A Compromise Stimulus???

Word is that republican Senators Arlen Specter, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe will cross over to vote with the democrats in a compromise bill that is still at $780 Billion!!!(update may actually be more like $830 Billion give or take) Ohh what a compromise...that was a VERY Generous compromise. 42% Tax cuts and 58% new spending. But we don't know what what the cuts are and what the spending is. If you still oppose this stimulus contact these senators and let them know. They are announcing this on Friday night since America isn't paying attention over the weekend. They will likely vote on it before the weekend is up.

This is the link to the congressional budget office's assessment of the bill that passed the house.
To sum it up, it basically says that the money that goes to the states for programs and infrastructure will not be realized immediately due to the time it takes to plan, solicit bids, enter into contracts, and conduct regulatory review. Also some business/work is seasonal in nature ie schools do repairs in the summer when school is out, and road work is generally not done in winter in many parts of the country. Brand new programs require planning, developing procedures, criteria, regulations, etc. "Throughout the federal government, spending for new programs has frequently been slower than expected and rarely been faster."

"CBO expects that many of the larger projects initiated with funds provided by H.R. 1 would take up to five to seven years to complete." If it's not spent immediately, how is this stimulating the economy?

One final thing to note, but you should go check it out.

"CBO estimates that the costs to the private sector of complying with H.R. 1's new
requirements and conditions would likely exceed the annual threshold established in
UMRA for private-sector mandates ($139 million in 2009, adjusted annually for

Just because they don't represent your state, doesn't mean you can't write them and let them know your opinion.

For a list of any other senators you might want to contact

It's a shame that we have let our senators and representative get away with not representing us. It's time to get involved and take action and contact them in some way shape or form. Next time they are up for reelection, VOTE THEM OUT!!!!


Jerry said...

Excellent post! I've already sent one senator my thoughts

Come by to see me at , sometimes.

I enjoy your post.

Chris Wysocki said...

Now it hurts even more that Pat Toomey didn't defeat Specter in the primary, and Rick Santorum lost to Bob Casey. Specter is an embarrassment to the GOP. He sat on his thumbs while the Democrats filibustered GWB's judicial nominees but he won't repay the favor by standing with us for the good of the country.

Amlicar said...

Hey Chris... That is what you expect a USA Senator to be doing PLAYING THE ASS, while your neighbor's life goes to rags.

While the USA as a mighty super successful power, goes the drain in your life time. That's your contribution..expecting a Senator to to be kicksin in Congress because someelse is amart enough to want to SAVE AMERICA.

I desrve a better country, I deserve a principle man like Senator Specter . MY country do not deserve to have you.

I prefer an illegal immigrant who wants a fair chance , to work to build this country he has heard so much of.

Long Live America , if we don't have you. Chris Wysocki

The Astral Cowboy said...

Keep shouting!!! I'm hoping someone will start listening.

Tony said...

Those three traitors should be drummed out of the GOP. said...

Interesting perspective. My understanding from discussions with my congresswoman's aide, as well as what I've read in the press is that the funding is going to 'shovel ready' projects, which the aide said was defined as already designed and permitted, so I'm curious about how this varies from the CBO report.

Also, according to the congressional aide I spoke with, the funds are not earmarked, so it will be up to specific government agencies to allocate and spend the funds.

Since the bill has been based by both chambers now, and is expected to be signed in Denver on Monday, it seems like the best focus now is to see what specific projects are being looked at where you live, and work to make sure that the best projects are chosen and that they are done as effectively as possible.

A site that I've found very interesting for this is They list the 18,750 projects proposed by the U.S. Mayor's conference, and provide places where people can express their opinions about the projects.

If we all get involved there and put pressure on local government agencies, perhaps we can at least see that the money will be spent as well as possible.

Erik said...

Great link, orien-lodge.

Anonymous said...

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