Sunday, February 22, 2009

Does Anyone Care About Border Security?

So this issue has been slipping out the forefront of a lot of people's minds, probably because of the dramatics as of late about just how terrible the economy is and how much we need to spend our way out of this recession to fix it. Since that's what 90% normal people do when things get tight at home, they go on a spending spree!!! so that should definitely work on the macro level too!!! (if you don't know my sarcasm yet, insert sarcasm here).

So I heard somewhere that last week Rick Perry put the state on high alert for the situation on the Texas Mexico border, which is what inspired me to write about this issue this week. So all weekend I went looking for his statement and found nothing. Neither could the person that told me. That doesn't mean it's not an important issue though. So I will share what I did find. Has a posting that the Texas National Guard has been put on Red Alert and that Texas State Senator Dan Patrick went on Fox news the morning of Feb 20 to discuss this. Look at the article (which is identically posted on many blogs) to see what he supposedly said. Did any of you see this appearance? I did not so until I find definate proof of this appearance, I remain skeptical that the Texas National Guard is on red alert etc etc etc.

While I didn't find that appearance, I did find a link to an appearance he made on the Glen Beck show on Feb 16. But it appears to be different than what is referenced above since the points they say he laid out weren't in the Glen Beck discussion.,2933,494984,00.html
Or a link to the transcript of the discussion.,2933,494984,00.html
Take a look at one of them.

This is the link to the Texas Border Security Council Report to Governor Rick Perry in September 2008. Since it's kind of lengthy, you'll want to pay particular attention to the executive summary and the Recommendations.

Here's the deal, this is the federal government's responsibility to take care of and they aren't doing anything about it. One reason for this is referenced in my last post relating to the census. Illegals flood our country and somehow gain the right to vote, and let the party promising a bunch of free stuff with the tax money of the "wealthy" buy their votes.

But you should all be concerned. Look at California. They also share a border with Mexico and look where they are today. They are a notorious welfare state and probably have more illegals than Texas. And yet with all the filthy rich people that live their, they can't stay within their budget.

There is a huge problem with illegal births taking place here. As anyone who works in a hospital in Texas or any other border state. That is because the constitution has been improperly misinterpreted to give legal citizenship based on illegal acts. So that has been going on for years and who can blame them when we seem to be allowing it. A hospital is in no position to enforce this, especially when they have been put in the position of not turning away anyone that comes into the emergency room. And labor is usually considered an emergency.

There is a book you should read or listen to on cd if you're not a reader. "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America" by Patrick J. Buchanan. It address this issue and just how badly it is out of hand and needs to be addressed immediately. He addresses how many have come over and not assimilated to our culture and the threat it creates as they are taught that we stole part of Mexico from them and they need to get it back.

I don't know about you all, but I love the United States of America. And I don't think this is an issue we should let go by the wayside. I think Rick Perry ought to take the Texas share of the stimulus spending bill and use it on the border since the feds won't take responsibility for it. It's supposed to create jobs right? He can hire a bunch of people immediately to patrol the border 24 hrs a day. Let's line up a militia all the way across the Texas/Mexico border and heavily arm them to discourage anyone that would enter illegally as long as the money lasts. When it runs out maybe the Federal Gov will feel bad about the jobs that are lost and see the results and send more funding down there. It would be nice if the other border states would do the same thing. Maybe they'll see how serious we are about things being done legally around here and revert to legal methods of entry into our country.

What's you're opinion of this issue??


Chris Wysocki said...

The biggest problem is the escalating drug wars in Mexico. They are spilling over into the US. O'Reilly had a segment tonight saying the US State Dept issued a travel warning for Americans going to Mexico -- Don't go! He also said there were many incidents of cross border incursions from Mexico into the US and our law enforcement was out gunned and out manned.

No surprises there. Our nation is not willing to protect its borders and we will eventually suffer the consequences.

Lola said...

son of a bitch i suck....thank you for pointing out the drug problem as the reason this is such a big issue...espesially since i know not everyone will check out the links i posted...people are dying and getting kidnapped there and here because of the drugs and the Mexican government isn't doing anything about it.

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