Friday, October 3, 2008

Where's the "Thank You" After Robbing Us?

Here's how your representatives either failed you or stuck to their guns.

Luckily my representative stuck to his guns when both of my senators bailed/caved to the corruption of a government high on power. So did Ron Paul. Good for them.

Just know I wouldn't put you tax payers on the hook and try to insult your intelligence by throwing a couple of tax breaks your way. You'd get those tax breaks without being forced to pay $700 Billion against your will. Lola and Riley aren't messing around and won't tolerate that type of economic terrorism.

Oh and don't buy the whole "tax payer investment" rhetoric. You will never ever see any of that money back. You will never get a check in the mail. Even though based on the population of about 300,000,000 people in the United States we should each get at least $2333 back per person. Although that should only go to families that actually pay taxes every year between now and "making that money back." Or should be prorated based on how many of those years those families pay taxes. And we should all get that back with interest. But that's not going to happen. Because they need to fund nationalized health care which by the way they'll still have to raise your taxes to pay for. So a family of 4 that pays taxes every year between now and then would get a check in the mail for at least $9332 plus interest. This is outside of their regular filing.

Have a great weekend because the value of your money is about to take a nose dive. Oh and welcome to the life of Europeans. But that's what 80% of you want right? Because you have no idea what's really going on over there.

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