Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't Mess With The U.S.A

Being from Texas we have a popular slogan "Don't Mess With Texas." It was developed for a littering campaign and somehow caught on and hasn't gone away.

As President I'd like to take that a few steps further. I don't want other countries messing with or breaching the security of this great country. I don't want anyone messing with legal immigration by coming here or staying here illegally. I don't want anyone messing with or undermining the great pride we have in this country. That said. Free speech is free speech, I don't intend to mess with our freedoms. Just like I don't want anyone messing with, or jeopardizing our freedoms. Freedom of speech. Freedom to choose your religion or to choose not to have one. Freedom to work hard to live the American dream. Freedom to be personally responsible for ourselves and freedom to encourage personal responsibility in others. Freedom to choose your child's education. Freedom to own personal property. Freedom to protect your personal property.

We have all kinds of freedom in this country that people inside and outside of our country try and will continue to try and infringe upon and take from us. Riley and I intend to protect the freedom this country was founded upon and intended for its citizens. We won't hesitate to hold those responsible for attempting to take away our freedom.

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