Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Evidence Making the Fair Tax a Logical Solution

I don't know how many of you check or see their articles in the newspaper, but I just ran across one of their articles about a statement Senator John Cornyn from Texas made that they ranked True or Mostly True. Apparently as true as you can get on their 'truthometer.' The statement: "Fifty-one percent, that is, a majority of American households, paid no income tax in 2009. Zero. Zip. Nada."
Read the article, but the part the really pisses me off is the part where 30% actually got money back from the government in 2009!!! Are you kidding me. No wonder we're in debt up to our great grand children's' ears. And I'm still young. Granted it goes on to say that appears to be a high for not paying income taxes but the projects for 2010 is 49.5% and for 2011 46.4% That's ridiculous! If the tax code didn't piss you off before, it should now.
I will bring up the Fair Tax again. The fair tax eliminates this ridiculous income tax that apparently only applies to half of the population, my family included. It replaces it with a national sales tax much like several states have in lieu of an income tax. That means everyone that shops in this great country of ours pays taxes. Legals, illegals, residents, visitors, rich, middle-class, poor. There's a provision to pre-bate the tax for food necessities to everyone. Hence the fairness factor. It doesn't discriminate against anyone. If you are receiving government assistance, you are at least paying some of it back when you spend. If you are rich out the wazoo and spending like a kid in a candy store, then there are no loopholes to keep you from paying taxes.
This takes the level of households taxed from 50% to 100% of the people in this country at any given time. So why can't democrats and republicans agree on this? Because they are both filled with power hungry politicians who realize that the fair tax takes some power away from them. Self-righteous sons of bitches!!!!
You should first read up on the Fair Tax and then write your representative and your senators and let them know you want them to support the Fair Tax.


Theesen Turner said...

There seems to be a concern of late among prediential candidates (i.e. Michele Bachman) that the FairTax bill won't repeal the Income Tax ammendment. But the FairTax book states clearly that the repeal of such is an element of the bill. Does Bachman know something we don't?

Lola said...

No. It's just evidence she's a 'politician' as much as the rest of them. Repealing the income tax takes power away from the politicians. You see if we work we have to pay taxes now. But under the fair tax we choose how much we want to send to the government by picking and choosing what to buy new or not. Politicians don't like to have power taken away from them. It's the same reason Mitt Romney wouldn't get on board with it last time around when asked if he would support it.

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