Sunday, December 13, 2009

Doesn't Washington Have Better Things to Do?

If you haven't heard, Texas representative Joe Barton introduced legislation that passed a house subcommittee regarding a playoff system in college football rather than the current Bowl Series that he says is "unfair."
Let me take a quick side note to point out that LIFE ISN'T ALWAYS FAIR!!! Or Perfect!!! If it were, term limits would have been included in the Constitution. Though I might also add it was designed with the freedom to elect whomever you want in spite of your own ignorance.

Now back to the point of legislation about college football. Really!! They can't leave football alone. Though I shouldn't be surprised with all the interrogations of athletes in recent years.
They can't leave any aspect of our lives alone!

Never mind whether or not you agree or disagree with the notion of playoff system in college football. The idea of the government meddling in sports is preposterous. And while I should be glad that it distracts them from various legislation that is costing us more and more money everyday, I'm furious that they act as if they have the right to interfere whenever and wherever they want in our live. I'm even more furious that we let them or perhaps many of us want them too interfere.

I also think legislation like this is a smoke screen for Americans so they can get distracted in their support or fury of it, from such decisions that we should be furiously working to stop. For example;
There are billions of unused or paid back TARP funds. Which let me remind you the entire amount is debt to all of us. Rather than pay back the unused debt, the administration is considering using is to help aid the labor market. That is what the stimulus was supposed to do and rather than cut $700Billion in debt in half or close to it, they want to continue to spend that money. I know that makes sense to a lot of people who live their lives in debt, but let me remind you it's illogical, shameful, and immoral to send this country and its citizens into the debt they already have.


The Hawg! said...

Well, the BCS is rotten, but the feds have to get involved? You're right -- they've got better things to do.

As for the stimulus mania that swept the nation, we are going to regret the hell out of it one of these days.

Lola doesn't need to just be the president -- we might be in better hands (paws?) if the pup was appointed our supreme leader.

Anonymous said...

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