Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh No!!!

Sorry about the title. It's my sarcastic way of adding to the hysteria over the Saturday night vote.
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Let me tell you why the sarcasm. That vote was just to continue debating or not about the bill. Yeah Yeah Republicans didn't have any input in the bill. Well if you refuse to debate about it, you certainly won't get your points across.

I agree I don't want the bill to pass either but debate is debate and you better start debating it! That's your job!! So stop whining and start debating.

What I find interesting is how the following NY Times article talks about the cost of the Senate bill at $800+Billion like it's a bargain over the $1.03 Trillion House bill.
Keep in mind that the federal government couldn't accurately estimate or even over estimate the cost of something like this. Trust me, it's well underestimated.

But who among us can actually imagine $800 billion? Let me break it down for you.
At the time of this post, the U.S. population is listed at 307,996,114. Keep in mind that number is not working adults only. It includes children, retirees, stay at home moms, the unemployed, etc etc. That comes out to more than $2,597 per person. So if your family has 2 people think $5,200 or for a family of 4 more than $10,400. That's on top of the taxes you currently pay for this that and the other government programs. But don't forget you have to pay for those people that aren't contributing tax dollars. So add some more money onto your family's total to cover their share.

I'm just saying $800 billion is NOT a bargain for health care that they say is only going to cover 31 million people as opposed to the Houses versions 36 million. So they expect me to believe that only about 11% of the population is going to need the governments help? What do they think I'm stupid? I guess they aren't concerned about me though, just about the masses.

On a related note, if you don't think senator's votes on specific pieces of legislation aren't bought.
Check this out how Senator Mary Landrieu's vote to support the health care bill was purchased.

Don't think your Senator can be bought on either side of the aisle? I'd like to remind you of TARP and the "Stimulus" bills.

Call your senators. Call other senators. Or Write them. Tell them what you think.


Erik said...

How about we just make it so that everyone has access at the same rates, whether you work for a corporation or for yourself. Ooops. Sorry. Common sense.

Juandy said...

I'll vote for Lola... Yes I will :)

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Please consider a possibility of exchanging link :)

Thank you...

cube said...

The sufficient number of democrats will be bribed to go along with this monstrosity of a bill. Even the blue dogs will go along because even if they get voted out of office in 2010, they will be promised cushy jobs (for which they are unqualified) by the O'Bummer administration.

That's why I think your thesis is a great one... Lola, because humans can't be trusted, especially liberal ones.

Lola said...

Erik...having business office health care experience on the facility side, here's a tip; If you're uninsured, everything's negotiable...even below their established self pay discounts...There are also lots of doctors who will may have to shop around to find them. I previously posted on a group of doctors in Seattle offering what I think is a good idea and a good alternative...

Well Cube, I tend to think the "power" that comes with the life of a politicians is so intoxicating that even the so called conservates can be well as liberals...look at TARP and the of our own senators who was the face of the republican party supporting TARP is now running for governor...her response to why she voted for it..."if we'd known how it was going to turn out then, we certainly wouldn't have supported it" or something along those lines...What is she talking about!!! the many constituents that were calling and writing her begging her not to vote for it, and yes i even threatened my governor support; you mean to tell me we didn't know how it was going to turn out?!?!?! So I can't trust either liberals or conservatives to act on behalf of the people...they only act on behalf of themselves and their own egos...which is why humans can't be trusted...

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