Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mandated Health Insureance a Tax Increase on the Middle Class?

You Decide

President Obama spoke with George Stephanopoulos. He claims the fact that George looked up the definition of tax in the dictionary is proof that's he's stretching that claim.

What do you think?

What I don't believe is that no matter how much he says it will be deficit neutral, there's no way in hell for that to happen. So I'd like to know how the president defines deficit neutral.


kastz said...

like the blog hows it goin?

da patriot said...

Lola, even the CBO numbers say that it will cost billions, but Obama says they are going to improve the efficiency of a number of programs, including medicare (which runs several hundred billion over budget every year already) and do some budget cuts to pay for it. When a Democrat says they are going to improve government efficientcy and make budget cuts, you know it is BS.

It won't just be a tax on the middle class, everybody will pay for it in a number of very unfortunate ways.

Len said...

However much it costs, it will be less than the cost of doing nothing. Besides, I'm not going to call the President a liar. He has a lot more economists and accountants working for him than I do.

Lola said...

Interesting....all I know is when politicians on either side of the aisle want to fund a pet project of theirs, it always cost WAY MORE than they estimated. And da patriot is will be a tax on everyone in some way shape or form.

Let's not forget accountants are now stereotyped for cooking books becuase of companies like arthur anderson.

it's a little reminicent of what the definition of "Is" is.
I guess it depends on your definition of "tax" regardless of what the dictionary says or the government or your best friend.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and for all of the comments.

jan said...

When the President and Congress opts for the same healthcare as the rest of us, I'll listen to them. Until then...

AubreyJ......... said...

Good call, Lola...

Congress and past Presidents have never-- EVER come near to what they said their Original Bills would cost... NEVER!!!

Great blog!!!

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