Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cash for Clunkers - What Do You Think?

No doubt many if not all of you have heard about the cash for clunkers program that is about to end after this weekend. Some of you may have even used the opportunity to get a new car. My question to you is, did you see it as a successful program?

The reason I ask is you have to consider what the point of the program was to decide it if was successful or not. Was it to improve the environment? Was it to filter more money to the auto companies? And if so, how much of that money have they gotten? Was the purpose something else?

My next question is how many, if any, of the new cars purchased do you think will be repossessed in the near future? If any are repossessed, does that change your opinion of whether or not it was a success or failure? Does it matter if the money went directly to the car companies or those that purchased the cars?

I don't quite know where the money came from. I just assume that since I didn't have a car to trade in, I'm somehow paying for it. Which I obviously don't care for. I can think of better ways to handle this, but again, it really depends what the point of the program was.

Just curious to hear other assessments of the program.


spatter said...

cash for clunkers = good, quick stimulus plan. Looks like it worked better than many of the other stimulus projects..

Jay said...

Bread for the circus.

Adam Lee said...

It was a wasteful socialist scheme that was environmentally counterproductive and effectively was money from the US Gov't to Ford and Toyota

Lola said...

I tend to agree...I can't wait to see if we ever get news about a massive number of repos in the near future...we'll see

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