Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do You Agree With the Polls?

Poll information from
Which I also found on Real Clear Politics Website which averages the various poll results.

RCP Poll
President Obama Job Approval
RCP Average: +18.2% Details
Approve 56.2%
Disapprove 38.0%

Congressional Job Approval
RCP Average: -25.3% Details
Approve 32.0%
Disapprove 57.3%

Direction of Country
RCP Average: -19.4% Details
Right Direction 36.2%
Wrong Track 55.6%

I can tell you where I stand on each of these. I highly disapprove of the congress job approval and direction of the country, which have been clearly directed and supported by the President.

Here's the problem, when anyone is in office, be it congress or the president, they feel they have the right and duty based on the fact that they won an election to make decisions they think are best for us and this country, even if it's not what we the people want. We do have an opportunity here people to judge their work. It's called voting them out of office at all cost. Listen. Not every democrat is bad and not every republican is bad, just like they aren't all good on either side. Perhaps another party will emerge, or perhaps "decent" politicians will continue to choose the existing two parties. But in order for "decent" candidates to be considered, we have to get out of our mindset of only supporting Democrats or Republicans and get into the mindset of supporting those candidates who will listen to us even if they don't always agree with us. Even if that decent candidate isn't backed by the 2 major parties.


Andrew Carden said...

I disapprove of all three, and this is coming from someone who voted for Obama. Ultimately, I believe Congress is as disasterous divided and inffectual as ever, and as far as our President goes, frankly, I believe he's proven himself too liberal on the economic front and not liberal enough on social issues. Why he will not touch our inane "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is absolutely beyond me. Some days, I seriously believe Dick Morris is once again running the WH.

Lola said...

well said...

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