Thursday, March 26, 2009

So You Think England is What America Should Be...

Have you heard or seen the speech given by Daniel Hannan to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown? Check it out. He was on Sean Hannity tonight and had a discussion about their oh so wonderful health care system that so many Americans seem to think is the ideal. Basically he said with their health care system the patients lose, the doctors lose, and the taxpayers lose. He experiences it first hand. By the way, he apparently supported President Obama's candidacy. Check out his speech.


Anonymous said...

You say "the patients loose, the doctors loose, and the taxpayers loose."

loose |loōs|
1 not firmly or tightly fixed in place : a loose tooth | the truck's trailer came loose.
• detached or able to be detached : a loose board.
• not held or tied together; not packaged or placed in a container : wear your hair loose | pockets bulging with loose change.
• (of a person or animal) free from confinement; not bound or tethered : the bull was loose with cattle in the field | the tethered horses broke loose.
• not strict or exact : a loose interpretation.
• not close or compact in structure : a loose weave | figurative a loose federation of political and industrial groups.
• typical of diarrhea : many patients report loose bowel movements.
2 (of a garment) not fitting tightly or closely : she slipped into a loose T-shirt and shorts.
3 relaxed; physically slack : she swung back into her easy, loose stride | a loose-limbed walk.
• careless and indiscreet in what is said : there is too much loose talk about the situation.
• dated promiscuous; immoral : she ran the risk of being called a loose woman.
• (of the ball in a game) in play but not in any player's possession.

It's hard to respect someone's thoughts who cannot at least use the correct words to properly state that opinion.

da patriot said...

Lola...let me take a moment to apologize for the courageous soul known only as Anonymous. I think that on political blogs, the tag for an unidentified commenter should be changed on google from Anonymous to Ass, because, typically, that is how they act. I came to believe that it does a great disservice to liberals to deny them the manly act of being accountable for their opinions. I have suspended, indefinitely, Anonymous comments for that reason.

On a lighter note, I really like your blog and I hope you will visit mine sometime. Your comments and thoughts would be very appreciated.

Lola said...

Dear annonymous, as I am a sweet dog, I don't hold grudges and will love you in spite of pointing out my spelling weakness...cut me some slack dude...I am a dog after all, my paws are a bit big for this keyboard. but to make you happy I will go and fix my mistake

Dear da Patriot,
thanks for coming to my defense and for stopping soon as I finish this post and correcting my error, I'll stop by your blog. Hope you continue to stop by.

Anonymous said...

You have absolutely no idea whatsoever what socialism is. No idea at all. Your intellectual ignorance and/or dishonesty is astounding. Enjoy the plunging downfall of capitalism as it drags us all into barbarism once again.
In the meantime, see:

Lola said...

Dearest Anonymous,
I'm so sorry you see me as intellectually ignorant and dishonest. What did I say that was ignorant and dishonest in this post? I said so very little. Let's see I posted a video. And then I went on to say that they guy in the video was also on Sean Hannity and paraphrased what he said. And then I said to check out the video of his speech.

I'm just curious to know what led you to be so hateful towards me a sweet and lovable puppy...Since I'm a dog, I'm just happy that you stopped long enough to pay some attention to me. So Thank you

Why don't you check out my post on the Socialist Party...In that post I link to the Socialist party platform which is where my information about the socialist party comes from.

Question: What do you have against capitalism?

Have a wonderful day Anonymous!!!

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